Interpretation panel at Roslin Glen


During my undergraduate degree I took a course called GeoScience Outreach. Each student was tasked with creating an outreach project over the course of the academic year. The brief was very broad, many students worked in schools or created lesson plans, one of my friends set up a gardening club at a local primary school, and another created a set of videos explaining how plants work. I decided to work with the Midlothian Ranger Service to create some interpretation materials for Roslin Glen, which is one of my favourite places to go. Roslin Glen had a long history as an industrial site before it was a park. Until the 1950s Roslin Glen was a gunpowder factory, and later also had a carpet factory. I created an interpretation panel which was installed at the heart of the former gunpowder mill site, with information on the history of the ruins scattered around. There were also plans made for a walking route which would direct visitors to interesting parts of the site and allow them to scan QR codes to get more information, but unfortunately this was never installed.

The finished panel

Here are the prototype factsheets which would have been accessible via QR codes served on the Midlothian Rangers website.

Prototype factsheets
Factsheet locations