Making Logos for Coding Club


Over the Summer while the students are away, instead of making more tutorials, I’ve been going back through the content on , trying to make it look more professional, easy to read, and to fix any factual errors. One thing on my list was to create some more logos for our tutorials page . While doing this I made a template file so that future logos can be created easily and all to the same standard.

I started by opening Inkscape , which is an open source vector drawing program available on macOS, Linux and Windows.

All our logos are loosely inspired by some stickers that RStudio published so I started by tracing the hexagon shape using the polygon tool to get the size right, adjusted the canvas size, etc.. Then after some brainstorming I added some text and images to the logo, related to the content of that tutorial.

An Rstudio sticker:

RStudio Hexagon sticker - readr

The new logos look like this:

New logos

The template file for future logos to be created quickly:

Template logo