Walking the Great Glen Way


This Summer I walked the Great Glen Way, an 80 mile trail which runs from Inverness to Fort William, along the side of Loch Ness, Loch Lochy and Loch Oich.

The trail took me 3.5 days of walking and is one of the easiest trail hikes I’ve done, it was also one of the most beautiful.

Map of Great Glen Way
Elevation profile


Gear spread


Stealth camping

For my campsite I had a small triangular tarp that I had from some offcuts from another bigger project. The tarp is held down by tent pegs on three corners and raised in the middle by my walking pole, there is a small guyrope made from paracord that keeps the walking pole upright. I can fit about half my body underneath the tarp with my bag and boots to keep the rain and morning dew off. Then the bivvy bag covers the lower half of my body.

For such a light piece of material the tarp makes bivvy camping immeasurably more comfortable, mainly because I can sleep with my head outside the bivvy bag, even when it is raining, reducing the amount of condensation drastically.

Other Photos

View over wooded valley
Loch Ness beach
View over Loch Ness