Updating pypodd to download most recent



I’ve been working a bit more on Pypodd recently, cleaning up the code a bit and making it slightly more user friendly.

One thing I did was to include an option at the start of the program which allows you to choose to download the most recent episode of each podcast. This is the snippet of the code which lets you do that, mostly using feedparser to compile lists of RSS feeds and extract the important bits of information:

while input_exit != 2:  # Terminate program if input_exit == 2
    count_opt = 1
    optListAllNo = ['All most recent episodes', 'Specific episode']  # A list of options
    for i in optListAllNo:
        print(str(count_opt) + ") " + i) 
        count_opt += 1
    input_all_no = input("\nChoose an option: ")
    input_all_no = int(input_all_no)
    if input_all_no == 1:
        feedList = []  # Create empty list
        for i in urlList:  # Put the parsed feeds in the list
            parseBar = Bar("Parsing feeds", max = len(subList))
        ep0List = []  # Create empty lists
        name0List = []
        link0List = []
        for i in feedList:  # Extract most recent episode from each feed
        for i in ep0List:  
            link0List.append(i['enclosures'][0]['href'])  # Extract download URL from list
            name0List.append(i['title'])  # Extract episode name from list
        print("\n Downloading all most recent episodes")
        dlExt = ".mp3"
        for i, j in zip(link0List, name0List):  # Download most recent episode and give names
                dlName = j.replace("/", "_")
                dlFile = destDir + dlName + dlExt
                dlURL = i
                dlProg().get(dlURL, dlFile)
        print("\nFinished, exiting")  # Exit

        input_exit = 2
    elif input_all_no == 2:    
...  # Code continues with other options below

I’m still hoping that at some point in the future I can implement a databse style structure which says which episodes have been downloaded already and flags them on the list of available episodes.

I’m also having trouble in that some of the progress bars replicate if they are too long for the line. This doesn’t affect the function of the program at all, but it does make it look really messy.