Pandoc CSS templates


This is a showcase of different CSS templates which I have adapted for use in Pandoc when converting from Markdown to HTML. Where credit is due for the original css file I’ve included it in the CSS file.

All the CSS templates and the raw html for inspection can be downloaded from here .

I normally use the templates in the following way to get a truly standalone .html file, which I can then email if necessary, or convert to a pdf using wkhtmltopdf:


pandoc -f markdown -t html5 --css=$style --standalone -o output.html

wkhtmltopdf output.html output.pdf

On to the templates:


blue_big screenshot


buttondown screenshot


chmduquesne_resume screenshot


github_pages screenshot


github screenshot


killercup screenshot


modest screenshot


panam screenshot


pandoc_tweak screenshot


pandoc screenshot


splendor screenshot


typewriter screenshot

Creating the images

For interest’s sake, this is the short bash script I used to loop over the css files to make the screenshots seen above:


for i in /Users/johngodlee/.pandoc/templates/css/*.css; do
	name=$(echo ${i##*/})
        filename=$(echo "$name" | cut -f 1 -d '.')
	pandoc -f markdown -t html5 --css=$i -H $i --standalone -o "css_test_html/test_${filename}.html"

Note that all of the .css files are wrapped in a <style type="text/css"> ... </style>, which doesn’t make any difference to the way the stylsheet functions, but meas that I can use the -H flag in pandoc to add the stylesheet contents to the head of the .html file, making it truly standalone.

The contents of

title: Lorem Ipsum
author: John Godlee
date: 2018-04-01

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent ligula enim, commodo ut placerat vitae, cursus aliquam risus. 

# Super header

Praesent accumsan tincidunt interdum. Sed nulla tortor, convallis in placerat quis, consectetur sit amet arcu. [THIS IS A LINK]( Etiam sit amet dui malesuada, 

* List item 1
* List item 2

1. List item a
2. List item b

- - - 

_Praesent accumsan_ __tincidunt interdum.__ Sed nulla tortor, convallis in placerat quis, consectetur sit amet arcu. Etiam sit amet dui malesuada, fermentum tortor finibus, tristique leo.

- - - 

## Smaller header

> Fusce mattis `lacus commodo` orci rutrum, vel vestibulum dolor iaculis. Fusce et libero ligula. Proin non metus lorem. Duis `placerat lobortis` felis ac pretium. 
> -- Pliny

  for (var in unique(Root$Plot_Date_Sample)) {
    print( ggplot(Root[Root$Plot_Date_Sample==var,], 
        aes(x = Time, y = Cum_Root_Mass_g)) +


Duis tempus consectetur accumsan. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Suspendisse eget metus enim. Proin semper at velit a varius.