Update on plant growth


While I was away over the summer I had to send my plants away to be looked after by friends. Now I’m back in a new house and I’m pretty impressed by how much they’ve grown, so I decided to try and take some nice photos.

The Kalanchoe sp. has started growing little plantulitas with roots which keep dropping off, they’re very cute.

Kalanchoe stem

y spider plant was savaged slightly by a cat, but they’re basically immortal. The one I have now is a 4th generation cutting from the original spider plant I collected from the Darwin Library at the King’s Buildings about 6 years ago.

Spider plant

y bromeliad is also doing well. It’s become more chunky and has started to develop that nice pale flakey coating on the leaves. It’s also a descendant of a previous plant, the mother now lives at my parents’ house and is still producing lots of babies periodically.


Finally, my little succulent, which I propagated from a leaf has been growing, but very slowly. It seems to have a problem where it gets little white spots on the leaf surface.