What I carry in my bag everyday


I’ve recently been getting into the EDC subreddit where people post photos of what they carry with them everyday, to deal with mundane everyday things. Inspired, I thought I would write about what I carry on a normal workday. I cycle to work about 20 minutes across town. I do most of my work in front of a computer.

First is the big stuff. I have a Quiksilver backpack. I wish I knew what model, but I’ve had it so long that the label has come off. I have my Macbook Pro 13" mid-2014 model which I keep in a felt case with a pad of A4 lined paper and a charger. I have a basic D-lock with cable and a helmet for my bike.

Rucksack, laptop, bike helmet and bike lock

Then the small stuff. I have a length of cord where I keep my house and bike keys on keyrings, a 128 gb Samsung USB stick, and a triangular bin key for dumpster diving. I have some JVC Adjustable Ear Clip earphones which I really like, I’ve had two pairs so far, over the course of 6 years. I have a 500 ml metal water flask, a cotton pouch for small change, a Parker mechanical pencil, an empty tupperware, a spoon, a wallet clip that I made out of bits of roofing tin, a basic swiss army knife, and because it’s getting colder now, lip salve. Additionally, when I emptied out my bag today, I found a piece of King Alfreds’ Cake , a fungus that is good for firelighting and carrying embers. It’s very common on the Ash trees near my parents house, which is where I imagine I picked it up. I can’t remember when I got it, so it’s probably been in there for a few years.

Personal items