Making cider, bottling update


We bottled our cider, after sitting in the demijohns for 42 days.


Here is a breakdown of the volumes we got, in total I estimated it at 44.5 litres:



fruit yeast amounts
30% LS, 70% GD S 9 bottles
30% LS, 70% GD M 8 bottles
30% LS, 70% GD D 8 bottles
50% BM, 50% GE M 10 bottles
50% BM, 50% GE S 8 bottles
50% LS, 50% GD P 7 bottles
50% LS, 50% GD B 3 bottles + 1 demijohn
50% LS, 50% GD D 9 bottles
50% LS, 50% GD M 6 bottles
50% LS, 50% GD S 9 bottles
100% LS D 7 bottles
100% LS S 1 demijohn
100% P M 5 bottles
25% BM, 25% GE, 35% GD, 15% LS D 6 bottles

By siphoning them, I got to try most of the demijohns. They certainly had different flavours, some were more flavourful than others, but hopefully they will mature into interesting ciders.

Sterilising the bottles took the majority of the time. We took the approach of rinsing with hot water, shaking some sterilising fluid (campden tablets dissolved in water) thoroughly in each bottle, then rinsing with cold water.

Sterilising bottles

I think we should leave the bottles for another couple of months before we start drinking in earnest, as with previous experience I’ve found that they get better over time.

Filled bottles
Labelling the bottles

We also made a mixture bottle of everything that spilled out of the demijohns into the bucket. Mega-mix Volume I.

The mega-mix