Making lists


I’ve been enjoying making lists as a way to chronicle things that I’ve done, and in some cases as encouragement to continue doing those things. Looking back through the notes on my laptop I’ve made lists of:

The food supplies list was a really good way to encourage me to eat what I already had before buying lots of new ingredients and to try and reach ‘food cupboard zero’ before the end of my tenancy.

The bird species list is encouraging me to pay more attention to the birds I see when walking around and to try and identify them to species. I’ve been using the Merlin bird ID app on my phone for that.

Here is an excerpt of the bird species list:

* Mistle Thrush
	* Where: Finsbury Park, London
	* When: 2019_07_27
	* Behaviour: Walking around on the short grass pecking at bugs 

And the First Aid supplies:

* Fusidic acid 2% cream x2 - both nearly full
* Clorogen eye drops 0.5% - nearly full
* Malarone 250 mg/100 mg x2
* Loperamide 2 mg capsules x4
* Trimethoprim 200 mg tablets x9