An email which tries to make sense of the RMarkdown ecosystem


I was asked by my supervisor to send out an email with some resources to get people started with writing RMarkdown documents, in preparation for a lab meeting on the subject later in the week. As well as the resources, I tried to shed some light on the confusing terminology behind the RMarkdown ecosystem.

Hi all, I was asked to send out some links to resources on RMarkdown and Markdown. In addition to the Coding Club tutorial which I sent a link to last week during lab meeting, here are some other links I’ve come across in the past:

Here are some definitions of the various jargon terms:

Finally, another article for those who are interested on the limitations of RMarkdown, by Yihui Xie: Markdown or LaTeX? - Yihui Xie

This email is written in markdown syntax.

See you at the lab meeting, John