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Current employment

Nov 2021 - Present

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, School of GeoSciences, The University of Edinburgh

SECO: Resolving the current and future carbon dynamics of the dry tropics


Sep 2017 - Sep 2021

PhD: Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

The University of Edinburgh

Thesis: Biodiversity - Ecosystem Function Relationships in Southern African Woodlands

Used the SEOSAW plot network for a regional-scale study of the interaction of tree diversity, canopy structure, woody biomass, environmental processes, and disturbance regime across southern Africa. Terrestrial LiDAR of tree canopy structure in Angola and Tanzania to investigate neighbourhood community composition and ecosystem structure. Used MODIS data and plot data from the Zambian Integrated Land Use Assessment to investigate how species composition and species diversity affects land-surface phenology. I manage 15 permanent woodland monitoring plots in Bicuar National Park, Angola.

Sep 2012 - Jun 2016

BSc Hons: Ecological and Environmental Sciences - 1st Class

The University of Edinburgh

Dissertation: Forest structure along an Amazon-Andes elevation gradient drives tree seedling trait acclimation.

Sep 2009 - Jul 2011

A-Levels: Geology (A*), Geography (A), Biology (A)

Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, Darlington, County Durham

Manuscripts and Published Work

Research profile

My research interests lie in the complex interactions between ecological communities and their environment, and how this determines ecosystem structure. Through my PhD I have particularly developed an interest in how community composition influences ecosystem function. My thesis focusses on tree species diversity in southern African savannas and its multiple effects on canopy structure, phenology, biomass accumulation, and disturbance regime.

My PhD project straddles multiple spatial scales. I answer macro-ecological biodiversity-ecosystem function questions by integrating large collaborative plot datasets and remote sensing products, but have also conducted my own plot-based field campaigns to investigate canopy structure and diversity patterns both in Angola and Tanzania. I have a strong data science background, with broad skills in ecological data analysis, which combine with my extensive theoretical knowledge of dry tropical ecosystems to produce ambitious projects with high-impact and novel research outcomes.

My research skills are broad, ranging from phylogenetics and pest resistance in Scots Pine, to fire disturbance and tree mortality dynamics in Congolese Savanna, to terrestrial LiDAR of savanna tree canopies, to global investigation of species population trends with respect to rarity. My varied previous research experience places me well to conduct collaborative whole-system science which incorporates cutting edge methodologies.

I have a deep interest in developing rigorous and accessible field protocols for phyto-demographic plot data. Through my research assistant position with SEOSAW and in constructing permanent survey plots in Angola, I am keenly aware of the value of a precise and considered field methodology that is well documented, easily accessible and built for collaboration, to ensure that data has a legacy befitting the effort expended to collect it.

I support the development of effective teaching in higher education and aim to remain active within the academic teaching community as I progress through my career. Particularly I am interested in teaching research design and data analysis in an ecological science context. I aim to equip students with transferable skills for research management that will form the foundation of a successful career. In the future I hope to forge an academic career in a university as I enjoy researching alongside other academics, sharing knowledge for the greater good, and writing robust science.

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