Vegetation map of Bicuar National Park - Teixeira 1968


I’ve been searching around for a long time for a copy of a vegetation map of Bicuar National Park, Angola, produced in 1968 by J. B. Teixeira. A number of contemporary publications looking at the ecology of Bicuar reference this map, but I realised I have never seen it. To my knowledge, it remains the only vegetation map of Bicuar National Park. I would like to see if I can geo-reference this map and overlay it on a new vegetation map we are producing, to see how they line up.

After lots of emailing I was provided with a scanned copy by a colleague. To make it easier for others to find, I have uploaded a pdf version here:

Teixeira J. B. (1968). Parque Nacional Do Bicuar. Carta Da Vegetação (1a aproximação) e Memória Descritiva. Instituto de Investigação Agronómica de Angola.